Winner of Entrepreneurs For Good 2014 - Cleanbites | Healthy food delivered daily to your office or home
Cleanbites delivers daily healthy lunch & dinner boxes made with nutritious ingredients, focusing on health & weight lost -low Cal. We deliver to all of KL!
Cleanbites delivers daily healthy lunch & dinner boxes made with nutritious ingredients, focusing on health & weight lost -low Cal. We deliver to all of KL!
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Winner of Entrepreneurs For Good 2014

Winner of Entrepreneurs For Good 2014

Screen Shot 06-22-14 at 10.13 AM Friday was the last day with the announcement of the winners for the Entrepreneurs For Good Awards 2014, which is a programme born from the collaboration between  The Arthur GuinnessProjects and British Council’s Social Entreprise Awards, which I have had the privilege  to participate as CleanBites and was one of the 6 winners.

[The award was designed by : Catama crafts one of the winners.]

  [Image from]

All this happened because a good friend Hakim (ShuttleGo – Founder) insisted that I join him at this programme. I applied in very close to the closing deadline. To my surprise CleanBites was then announced as one of the finalist from 20 social enterprise to the 12 Finalist together with the other 11 participants which were:



Peoples Choice award(Winner from the voting on the Arthur Guinness Projects website) :

We were then invited to a 3 day workshop to help guide social enterprises organised by (Social Enterprise Alliance – S.E.A ).

Where we improved our ideas and achieved a clearer goal, then there was a pitch mock practice with some invited friends. We then had to do a final pitch a week after that to a panel of judges. Winners were then decided and announced on Friday 20th June 2014.

During the day the Finalist were invited to showcase ourselves and explain to medias and invitees about our projects which is well documented here:

Summary of the 12 Finalists:

Source : Original site/S.E.A

Arkitrek Works transforms these traditional skills for application to the construction industry, producing 100% natural building product, produced directly by people in rural Sabah.

[Image from] 


Project Venture /Venture Sense
Venture sense is a Social Enterprise that aims to cultivate and empower entrepreneurs & leaders through progressive and experiential training.  

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Scan2Verify [SEA summary]
Scan2Verify is the first organisation that evaluate charity organisation for the general public.  

[Image source :] 

Silent Shout Communications [SEA summary]
silentSHOUT aim to raise awareness and bridge the gap by encouraging the Deaf and Hearing learn to understand the differences in their values, social norms and languages for enhanced interaction and integration.

[Image source: SEA] 

Tech Outreach Malaysia – [SEA Summary]
TECH Outreach Malaysia helps to empower women to break out of this vicious cycle by helping them initiate small business ventures that will help them sustain themselves and their families.

[Image from]

BYOB Green Concepts[SEA summary]

BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bottles. Their mission is to is to educate the society about the dangers of plastic pollution and to stop them from treating plastic bottles as rubbish.

[image source : ] 

Catama Craft Enterprise[SEA summary]

Catama crafts is a product design company, working with indigenous rural communities in Sarawak, to develop high end contemporary craft product.


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Focusing on gradually training Malaysian’s food palette and their perception about healthy food. Our food has 3 levels. At each level we introduce healthier choices. With each food you will learn one new thing, which you can then bring into your daily life.

Ecocentric Transitions[SEA summary]

Ecocentric Transitions are an ever expanding group of like minded individuals who are committed to cultivate an environmentally empathetic society and promote social change and support goals of a sustainable society. 

[image source :] 

ShuttleGo (formerly Busco)

ShuttleGO is a short distance, low density provate shuttle service. They serve the first mile that commuters take, which is the distance from their homes to the train station. Due to the short travel distances, their shuttle can run at a higher frequency, which greatly minimises customers’ waiting time.

[image source :] 


The Mad Experience

We’re a social business on a mission to end poverty by empowering everyday people to make a difference through donations, fundraising campaigns and impact focused volunteering.

[Image source: SEA] 


Born from a single desire to preserve the legacy of the songket. Breathing life into the single strand.Crafting enchantment into every piece.Tanoti Sdn. Bhd. is a congregation of Sarawakian women weavers and artisans dedicated towards the production, promotion, and proliferation of hand-crafted fabrics. “Tanoti” means “Weaving” in Sanskrit.

[image source : ] 

During the event CleanBites was working hard to help spread the word about ourselves and was presenting 2 new recipes that we were still experimenting with which were the: Fudgy Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies and Chewy Granola Bars. There will be more information once these food are finalised. Food was designed by Sandra Woo and cooked by my mom(Annie) for the event  :D Thanks mom!

Photo: New food from the CleanBites lab ! Flourless sweet potato brownies by @sandrawooo and cooked until 12am by my mom ! ;) fruits was added last minute thank so @summerchew and @samanthagusman . First trial had good feedback !

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