Healthy, Nutritious, Wholesome Food Delivered Daily to You
Cleanbites delivers daily healthy lunch & dinner boxes made with nutritious ingredients, focusing on health & weight lost -low Cal. We deliver to all of KL!
Cleanbites delivers daily healthy lunch & dinner boxes made with nutritious ingredients, focusing on health & weight lost -low Cal. We deliver to all of KL!
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Any Gym instructor/owners interested to partner with us? Email: [email protected]
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Work in progress: ( Updates until 14th May come back for more updates)


We will provided a digital guide accompanied by apps and videos that are available online.

We are also looking to partner up with gyms and gym instructors to provide advance guidance if you don’t feel confident doing it by yourself.


Meal 1 – Breakfast ingredients will be provided certain menu items require self-preparation. Menu recommendation (Fruits and Vegetable Smoothie)

Meal 2- Lunch will be provided by Cleanbites specially designed with ingredients that will still      provide necessary, nutrients fermentable carbs will be used to substitute regular carbohydrates such as brown rice, chick pea, barley, lentils, etc…)

Meal 3- Tea Time Snack to consume protein to promote metabolism for fat burning throughout the 2nd half of the day e.g (yogurt, egg, nuts, seeds, light low fat cheese)

Meal 4- Carbohydrate elements are completely removed after 6.00pm, meals will be a combination of high protein ingredients, beef, chicken, fish etc with either fresh vegetables or boil/ steamed vegetables.

Ingredients Breakdown

High Calcium & Protein Ingredients (promote metabolism in the body)

Salmon, Eggs, Leafy Greens, Spinach, Broccoli, Feta Cheese, Broccoli, Lady’s Finger, Edamame Beans

Fermentable Carbohydrates (Lesser calorie content, promotes bowel movement, and store less fat in the body after consumption

Beans , Lentil, Corn, Split Peas, Barley, Brown Rice, Oats

Omega-3 Fatty Acid (Help maintain blood sugar level, inhibit storage of calories as fat, encourage glucose to be stored in muscle cells not fat cells and increase thermogenesis – the production of heat by cells within the body causing fat to be used as fuel and calories burned.

Avocado, Oily Fish (salmon/cod), Peas, Walnut, Kidney Beans, Chickpea, Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Edamame Beans.


A carotenoid that gives salmon, prawns, langoustine, rainbow trout and lobster their pink colour has been shown to increase the usage of fat as an energy source and accelerate fat burning during exercise.

Providing Confidence 

We will be selecting 4 individuals with the right motivation and discipline to follow our programme strictly for us to measure the average weight lost & health improvements over 2 weeks. There will be a 50% discount on this beta test programme.

Our Belief


We at CleanBites believes that people in general are really good at adapting. But it requires time or a transition phase. Here at CleanBites we will provide you this transition phase to gradually adapt to making healthier food and eating choices. This is done with our food that is designed with 3 levels in mind. Level 1 being healthier food we are most commonly used to and 3 being the healthiest food choices.


We believe in balanced nutritions, reducing the 5 whites (flour,sugar,salt,rice,pasta), and whole foods. We are in the process of getting our food endorsed and improved by a nutrionist.


We are constantly looking for ways to make our food more accessible which is one of the big obsctacles in preventing us from making healthier choices. By buying in bulk, sourcing locally, controlled logistics and reducing food waste we are trying to make healthy food affordable to all.


We believe in being sustainable. We will try to source food locally as much as possible to reduce our carbon foot print. We will source from farmers who believes in sustainability like us. In supporting them we create an ecosystem that will allow all food providers in the future to do the same. We will reduce as much direct and indirect waste as much as possible. We will use a wormbin programme to reduce our waste from going into landfills.